• March 24, 2020


Furnishing a home is a fine balance of sourcing old and new—finding pieces that add interest to a space, make a statement, tell a story. We’ve hunted across the province to find the best picks for our projects, but these three design stores are consistently at the top of our list. 

1. Inform Interiors50 Water St., Vancouver 

Why We Love It: 

The breadth is large, the quality is excellent, the product is interesting, and overall they provide the pieces that make the home a statement home. The main thing we buy from them is chairs. Dining chairs, accent chairs—they are the king of chairs. They have a really good relationship with well established design companies in Europe and Australia, and they are the sole provider of that in Vancouver. Typically, we find something we want, we ask the designer where we can buy it, and they say it’s at Inform. 

Our Design Picks:

Gubi Beetle Dining Chairs

We wanted irregular oxblood round chairs with matte black legs for a client’s dining room—where else are you going to find those? 

RBW #28 Pastille Collar Sconce 

Rich Brilliant Willing is a Brooklyn-based lighting studio we first spotted on Instagram. And RBW’s #28 sconce is an example of how a great lighting fixture can add something unexpected and give a bit of an edge to a bathroom that is pretty neutral otherwise.

Bensen Park Chair in Chartreuse

It feels like a space-age version of a traditional wingback chair. And when we say that Inform will give you the piece that will be the statement piece for the home, this chair was the statement piece for that home. 

2. Provide1805 Fir St., Vancouver

Why We Love It:

In Vancouver, it’s hard to find a company that celebrates accessories, and Provide is a company that celebrates the small things. A home is made of big things (which is what you’ll get from Inform), but a home is really made cozy by the small things. We don’t go to Provide to buy 50 items, we go to Provide to buy one or two items that give a level of sophistication and homeyness to a house. The owners of the store have impeccable taste, and there’s never having to fish through unattractive items to find the hidden gem, every piece is a gem.

Our Design Picks:

Martha Sturdy Coffee Table

You can buy furniture or you can buy functional art pieces and that is what this coffee table is. It’s made from hand-poured resin, so that when the sun shines into it, the light cascades through the material and it comes alive. With the two tones, it sort of reminded us of the beaches at Stanley Park, almost looking like a shoreline with the water pulling back. You might not carry your sofa with you from home to home, but this coffee table is an investment: buy it once and keep it forever. 

Barter Regeneration Stool

Barter is from Salt Spring Island, and makes its stools from trees that have fallen in the forest vs. cutting them down. We like that Provide often works with local artisans and gives them a platform to sell their products. This stool caught our eye because it’s a hexagon, it’s burnt black, has a natural top to it—overall it feels very interesting. 

Teixidors Hydra Cushions

They have a minimalist, Japanese feel to them. Each cushion is like a folded piece of fabric with a pillow inside—it’s very soft and inviting. Overall they feel paired down and simple—a subtle pause the space needs.  

3. Napier’s Country Antiques6743 216 St., Langley City

Why We Love It:

This is literally the polar opposite of the other two. And it truly is our hidden gem. As designer, or as a homeowner, it’s so important that you have pieces that have a history attached to them. When you walk into a home that’s filled with only new items, it lacks the depth and soul of a home that is well curated. And a well-curated home is one that has a mix of old and new. Our creative director Ben Leavitt found this company years ago. It’s in Langley, it’s owned by a picker named Ken, and he literally has 50 percent of his store indoors, and the other 50 percent is you outside shopping in the rain, in a big farmer’s field, with stuff chucked about. We find amazing pieces there that once you bring them onsite and put them into a home, you’d never guess they came from a field in Langley. We pride ourselves on our ability to mix the high and low, and this our go-to spot for the well-priced vintage gem. 

Our Design Picks:

Vintage Leather Trunks

We were designing seven Meridian organic food markets, which is a store that’s meant to have a historical feel to it. We needed each store to look like it was decorated with a collection that’s been going for years, so we showed up to Napier’s and we were able to buy 50 trunks in one go. Another thing to love about Napier’s, is that they pick pieces from all over, from Chicago to  New Orleans to Saskatoon to Delta—so the selection spans myriad styles and time periods.  

Vintage Letter ‘M’ Decor

This letter was part of an old commercial sign for a barber. It’s just a small detail to top the fireplace, but each find from Napier’s, in the context of a modernized home, feels like a true art piece. Depending on the project, we go to Napier’s towards the end to try and find one or two pieces that would be a scratch-your-head, “Where did that come from?” type of piece. 

Antique Riding Boots

The family of this Meyer Farmhouse we designed is an equestrian family, so this was a nod to the family’s love for horse riding. But we wanted a pair of riding boots that would never be used, that would just live on as decor. We knew if we bought antique ones they would remain pristine. 












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